California Assembly Bill No. 1200 (AB1200)

Last Updated: December 28, 2023

About California Assembly Bill No. 1200 (AB1200)

At Cooklife, product safety is our utmost concern and we are fully committed to adhering to all relevant regulations governing our products. California's AB 1200 requires manufacturers to provide transparent information when certain chemicals have been intentionally used in their cookware's food contact components and handles. The tables linked at the bottom of this webpage outline the cookware items that necessitate such disclosures. We have no reason to believe that any of our products present a health risk.

What are the requirements of California AB1200?

California AB 1200, which mandates cookware disclosure, is detailed in the California Health & Safety Code, commencing with Section 109010. The regulation requires manufacturers of cookware distributed in the state to reveal any chemicals intentionally incorporated into their products that appear on the California DTSC Candidate Chemical List. Disclosure is required when these chemicals are present either in the handle of the cookware or in any surface that comes into contact with food, foodstuffs, or beverages.

Manufacturers were required to begin identifying such chemicals on their websites starting January 1, 2023. Effective January 1, 2024, manufacturers must add relevant disclosures to product labels.

In the context of this regulation:

"Cookware" encompasses various items employed in the preparation, dispensing, or storage of food, foodstuffs, or beverages, including pots, pans, skillets, grills, baking sheets, baking molds, trays, bowls, and cooking utensils. "Intentionally added" signifies that the manufacturer has deliberately included the chemical in the product, and the chemical serves a functional or technical purpose in the product. It's important to note that the cookware products presented here fully adhere to the pertinent limits and regulations established by the federal Food and Drug Administration, ensuring their safe use in direct contact with food.

What do Cooklife products contain?

For Cooklife's full list of chemicals, see here.